The Oglethorpe Astronomical Association sponsors or participates in many astronomy and space related activities in and around Savannah throughout the year. Often these are in conjunction with other organizations (schools, libraries, groups, etc.); but we also host events for our own enjoyment. All of our activities are free* and open to the public.

On the weekend of the New Moon each month, we visit a ‘dark sky’ site located near Ludowici GA that we have access to. This is a ‘private’ observing site that hosts a small personal observatory that we are fortunate to be able to use. Visits to this location must be coordinated through the club Observing Officer.

Some of the other activities we host are an annual Messier Marathon in the spring and a ‘dark sky’ road trip in the fall. Some members of the organization even travel to larger star parties in other states throughout the year. We also hold a late summer picnic and a Christmas party each year.

Additionally, OAA members will often just host spontaneous observing sessions (both day and night), especially if there is some sort of astronomical event that we have a chance to see. While sometimes scheduled in advance, more often than not these sessions are usually announced via the club’s distribution list and/or on our Facebook page (Savannah Astronomy). We encourage you to sign up on either to best follow our activities.

*While the OAA never charges or accepts money for our events, some of the organizations or locations we host activities for/at do charge a small fee. This is usually a parking fee, but it can be a per person fee. Regardless of the type of fee charged, the Oglethorpe Astronomical Association never receives any compensation for our participation.

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