The Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars – April 14-16, 2020

Subtitle: Get Up At 5 Am This Week

The Moon is going to glide past Jupiter, Saturn and Mars in the hours before sunrise on Tuesday 4/14, Wednesday 4/15, and Thursday 4/16. At 5 am on Tuesday, the Moon will be 7° 45’ from Jupiter. Closest approach to Jupiter actually happens Tuesday evening but will not be visible for us here in the US.

The Moon and Jupiter at 05:00 on 4/14/2020

However, after gliding past Jupiter, by 5am Wednesday morning the Moon will be 3° 10’ from Saturn.

The Moon and Saturn at 05:00 on 4/15/2020

By 5 am on Thursday, the Moon will have slipped past Mars, but will still be only 3° 30’ away from it.

The Moon and Mars at 05:00 on 4/16/2020

So if your “sheltering in place” somewhere with a good southeastern view, and are inclined to get up just before 5 am; go out and take a look…

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